Product Overview


Panaracer Trailraker £27.99

Sizes: 1.95 and 2.1in(tested) / Compound: ZSG Ultima / Bead: ASB aramid / Tread: directional / Weight: 635g

The lavender trim on the bead of the Trailraker makes it easier to know if it’s seated correctly, but it is also indicative of Panaracer’s ASB anti-snakebite chafer. This thick section of sidewall just above the bead acts like a bottom-out bumper to reduce the risk of pinch flats.
Overall, the Trailraker finds traction even in the most appalling conditions, and the soft compound deforms on roots and rocks rather than bouncing off them. The end result is the most predictable tyre on test. Also, because the cornering load is supported by the side and transition knobs, the Trailraker actually puts down more rubber than you think when leant over. This translates to excellent cornering traction in any conditions, even on wet tarmac roads.
The Trailraker’s only draw-back is that it’s not the fastest-rolling tyre. That said, it’s easy to see why it is so popular in the UK; when it comes to muddy, wet conditions it is unbeatable.
If Panaracer offered a dual compound version with faster-rolling centre knobs, the Trailraker could be the ulti-mate winter tread.