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Met Falco 2009 helmet review

When I put the Falco on for the first time the pads at the front lifted up and the Velcro underneath scraped my forehead. You can wiggle the pads down when the helmet is in place but it’s not an ideal start.

Like most Met helmets the Falco comes with a dual side retention device, which is more precise than a dial and can even be mounted off-centre if you have an odd-shaped head, but this one lifts slightly as it’s tightened, so doesn’t grip as well as the Bell.

Met’s strap system is really well thought out; however, we found they do stretch ever so slightly when they get wet. The visor lacks tilt adjustment, although it looks like it’s part of this helmet rather than an add-on. Decent-sized vents suck in plenty of air, and the pads do absorb plenty of sweat, so it’s not all bad news. Build quality is very good and the Falco is great value, too. Met just needs to sort out the forward Velcro for its next version to make it a winner.

Mbr rating: 8