Product Overview


Mechanix Original £17.99

Sizes: S, M, L, XL / Spandex upper and Clarino palm / Contact:

Mechanix gloves have been around for a long time, but they’re work gloves; designed to be worn when undertaking maintenance or repairs. Apparently the AA buys a lot of them and most of the NASCAR pit crews wear them. The reason we’ve got into them is they’re ideal for working outside (or in a freezing shed) in the winter, they stop those nicks and cuts you always seem to get when wrenching and they keep our hands clean.

Mechanixs are built tough. They have a Clarino OW-927 synthetic leather palm, reinforced fingertips, two-way stretch Spandex top and hidden interior seam stitching. They also pass a bunch of EN standards for durability, abrasion resistance and dexterity, which is a guarantee of quality. It’s a shame standard gloves don’t have to pass any of these standards. That said, there’s nothing stopping you riding in Mechanix — we know people that do. The thin palm has loads of feel and while they’re a bit warm for summer use, they’d be ideal for cold spring days.

MBR rating:9