Product Overview


Maxxis Medusa 2.1in £24.99 (folding), £19.99 (70a durometer)

510g / 120tpi / 62a durometer

Designed by European XC pros (like they have no mud in USA!) the Medusa comes in 1.8in and 2.1in carcasses, but you probably want the bigger tyre as it comes out roughly the same width as the Conti 1.9in. Very similar to the Bonty tread but with slimmer ‘spikes’, the Medusa does a good job of boring through the surface and finding grip. In leaf mulch it retains enough tread to keep chugging along where others spun out and is equally reliable on the front and rear wheels; it has no rotation directions. Predictable handling is a worthy trait but if you are a heavier rider you may want to look at the Jones Mud-X or the Geax. As with the Conti, XC racers and speed fiends will definitely want to give this one the once over.