Product Overview


Massi Alloy 7075 Riser £27.82

Weight: 214g / Length: 24in / 15mm rise / 25.4mm bar clamp / Contact:

There are eight models in the Massi riser bar range; this one is the lowest rise and the narrowest width. It’s made from 7075 series aluminium and, for the money, is actually pretty lightweight. If you consider the
competition, an Easton EA30 is a fiver cheaper but weighs 100g more; even the similarly-priced EA50 is 80g heavier. Both Easton bars are wider, which partially explains the difference (an inch width equates to between 8-10g) and while there’s more to the Easton bars than just weight, if you’re after a cheap, lightweight bar this is worth a look. Again we’re not big fans of the styling, but this a good bar for race use, or riders who just prefer narrower bars.

MBR rating: 8/10