Product Overview


Magura Marta SL £199.95

Magura has always led the way with brake technology: it was first to introduce radial master cylinders, one piece forged calipers and wavy rotors, and it’s the only brake manufacturer to retain the latter as it licences the design from Galfer. Manufacturing quality on the Marta almost matches XTR and the small lever body mates perfectly with both SRAM and Shimano shifters.
To qualify for Magura’s five-year leak-proof warranty you must use Magura’s mineral oil and resin pads as the pad material transfers less heat into the system. And if you cure the pads properly they don’t wear any faster than sintered metal pads in dry conditions, they are just not as effective or as durable in the wet.
The forward facing lever reach adjuster is easy to get to but if you run the levers very close to the handlebar there is a slight click when you actuate the brake lever. Also, when the lever bushing starts to wear the lever return becomes sluggish and a new bush kit is the only cure. Steel bolts come as standard on the Marta SL so the system could be lighter (and pricier) with a Ti bolt kit.