Product Overview


Magura Louise green £139 (each)

Rotor size 160mm / Fluid: mineral oil / Nylon hose / Organic pads / Weight: 390g front brake and rotor
Contact: Magura 0800 032 3145

Magura’s Louise greens are a limited production run of stock Louise disc brakes where the lever body has been painted green. So they still sport a one-piece brake caliper, 160mm wavy rotors and Magura’s excellent lever shape, but Magura will limit production to 800 units to keep them exclusive. In addition, each brake comes with a free matching green Deuter Hydrolite 2 pack, which has a decent bladder and retails for 30 sniffs.
All that aside, the Louise brakes are excellent. The lever shape is first rate, power is ample given the small rotor size, and the brake offers stacks of modulation, which is a good thing as power is nothing without control. The organic pads need curing to ensure longevity, so follow the instructions carefully, as swapping to sintered pads isn’t an option — Magura brakes are only designed to work with organic pads. Basically the pad acts a heat plug and while this requires that you bed them in correctly, it also means you won’t need to worry about brake fade or pump if you take the Louise brakes to the Alps. One criticism we have is that if the caliper isn’t perfectly aligned on the mount the wavy rotor can get vocal. Good performance, excellent quality and exclusive. What more could you want?