Product Overview


Look Quartz PEQC £79.99

Weight: 252g / Replacement cleats £14.99 / Contact:

With a twin bar mechanism almost identical to Time ATAC pedals, we found the engagement and release action on the Look almost indistinguishable. We did try switching between the two, but the mechanisms and cleats were not compatible — the bar spacing was over 3mm more on the Looks. Being similar to ATACs is, of course, a good thing, as they are predictable and secure, with great mud and ice performance. The Look also has the added benefit of being 252g a pair, the lightest on test with only the skinny Egg Beaters coming close.

We scuffed up the carbon body fairly quickly after some close shaves with rocks, their deep body profile being partly responsible — 37mm compared to the Egg Beaters’ 31mm, or Shimano M520s at 34mm. Again, though, that isn’t a whole lot more than the superb Time pedals at 36mm.

Overall, this is a great lightweight pedal with a superb and predictable mechanism and
top-notch fitments.

Mbr rating:9