Product Overview


Light and Motion Solo Logic Li Ion SL £225

Weight: 345g / Contact:
13w halogen bulb
11.1 v XXmah Li-ion battery
Charge time claimed 2, actual 1.55
Run time claimed 1.30-4, actual 1.47

Light and Motion use a proprietary lens on all their lamps and this shot-peened aluminium reflectors creates an incredibly even pool of light, with none of the dark rings some systems are plagued by. A multi chemical, multi voltage charger means that you can charge any other light and motion batteries with a single unit: if you have old units kicking about you now have usable spares. A single size clamp with – rubber spacer grommets – is a slight let down but it does come with a Lefty Adapter that positions the lamp centrally over the stem. The system also comes with a helmet mount as standard.
This incredibly light system may not have super long run times on full power, but the excellent mid setting should allow you over two hours of light in an ultra reliable package.

MBR rating: 8/10