Frame wrap kits that protect your pride and joy and help retain resale values.

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Invisiframe protective wrap


  • Protects valuable frames from paint damage, keeping them looking good and increasing resale values. Bespoke kits to fit most bikes.


  • Takes a while to fit. Ideally fitted to a bare frame with no components.


Invisiframe protective frame wrap review


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Just as every new McLaren or Ferrari will leave the showroom wrapped in clear paint protection film, so Invisiframe is offering the same service to riders wanting to cosset their pride and joy. Invisiframe offers a mind-boggling array of custom kits to fit countless frames on the market and, as long as you’re patient, fitting is a simple DIY job. Keep your frame looking fresh and new, and recoup the investment come resale time.

Invisiframe also do kits for cranks and forks if you want to keep everything nice, and will do custom kits for bikes that haven’t been covered already.

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With many of us potentially spending thousands on a new bike or frame that is highly likely to get crashed into trees, struck by boulders, scraped by uplift trucks and generally abused it pays to add a little bit of protection to your pride and joy, no?

When I began building up my new Orange Stage 5 frame I decided to get it wrapped by Invisiframe to hopefully prolong its new-bike lustre. Complete kits are available for most modern bikes in most sizes (the full list is on their website, along with prices) and are easily DIY fitted with a little time and patience. Alternatively you can get it fitted by Invisiframe for £90 (including a standard kit) or at a growing number of bike shops.


The protective film is the same vinyl that is used to protect cars from stone chips and as such is pretty tough, yet not so thick that it can’t contort its way around the frame tubes. Each kit comes with the individual pieces all ready cut to size and with instructions on how to apply – basically you apply it wet with a spray solution of water and washing up liquid/baby shampoo, and then squeegie the water outwards with the supplied tool once you are happy with the positioning. Mistakes can be remedied by re-wetting and re-applying the offending panel. Couldn’t be simpler! Reckon on a couple of hours to get it right though.


With the frame fully wrapped the Invisiframe was just that, invisible, pretty much. The kit is perfectly formed and cut around all the tube shapes and holes and is a really neat fit. The edges of the vinyl are barely noticeable and in this gloss finish small scratches can be polished out to prolong the finish.

Other than a couple of nicks in the film around the BB (a week in rocky Tuscan mountains saw to that) and pinch marks from over-zealous workstand clamping, the film has done its job perfectly, the frame still looks great even after this filthy gritty winter.


This is the first frame I’ve had wrapped in this way and it certainly won’t be the last – extra weight is negligible, there is no peeling anywhere and at £72 value is pretty good I’d say!


Finish:Matte, gloss