Product Overview


Imperial Lock-on Grips £12.50

Weight: 100g / File pattern / Flange version £13.50 / Silver or black collars
Contact: Fli Distribution 01457 763213

Although they look similar these are not pukka ODI Lock-On grips, so they are not cross compatible. However, they do work in the same way and grip the handlebars just as securely. The file pattern is the same as a Ruffian, one of ODI’s best-selling grips, and is also of a similar durometer (or softness). In fact, when riding we couldn’t tell the Imperial from the original. The 3mm Allen bolts in the collars are less likely to round out than the 2.5mms in ODIs, say Imperial. Replacement central plastic sleeves (cartridges) aren’t available, so when they’re done you bin them, but they’re cheaper than ODIs and available with a flange
for an extra quid.