Product Overview


Giro Hex £49.95

Colours: matt black, blue and pewter / 21 vents / Weight: 310g / Sizes: small, medium and large / Contact: Madison

The Hex is basically a cheaper Xen. It still sports the low-cut rear and rugged looks of the original but is half the price. It’s lightweight, but the in-moulded hardbody (the shell) can cope with the day-to-day knocks of riding. A RocLoc 4 allows girth and height adjustment for a tailored fit. The POV (point of view) visor is fixed securely, so doesn’t rattle, and it has 15 degrees of tilt adjustment so it can be flipped down in harsh sunlight or driving rain, and will move rather than snap off in a crash.
The Hex has a slightly cheaper feel than the Xen, but it is better vented. Looks are a matter of personal taste but we liked the shape of the Hex, which looks particularly good in matt black. Overall, it’s killer value, with top-end features, so it easily gets maximum marks.

MBR rating 10/10