Product Overview


Geax Datura High Performance 2.2in £24.95 (folding), £15.95 (wire)

590g / Stiky Soft compound / Micro-cut knobs / Heavy duty casing
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A bigger brutish tyre made for ‘freeriding and downhill in wet, muddy or loose conditions’. The tread is similar to the Maxxis and Mud-X but with tiny ‘micro-cuts’ on each large lug for enhanced grip in North Shore-type riding. We enjoyed the extra ‘padding’ that this tread offered, allowing us to attack sections with a bit more enthusiasm. The widest and heaviest tyre in this test, the Datura could really be felt when slogging through ‘edge of field’ conditions, but when the going got downhill and/or technical, this was the one that gave us the most confidence. If you are looking for an all-weather block tread or like woodwork riding in the cold months, then it’s a very worthy choice.