Product Overview


Exposure Enduro Turbo £325

2x5watt Super LEDs / 2.5-8hr burn time / Weight: 303g
Contact: USE 01798 344477

An anodised aluminium tube houses the li-ion battery, the light source, an intelligent charger and a thermal protection circuit. Perfectly aligned lenses and a material with total internal reflection light up the trail. Rubber-lined aluminium clamps attach it to handlebars, with standard and oversize included. A charge takes 12-hours with the in-built charger.
Unfortunately the casing was a couple of mm too long, meaning the battery could slide away from the contacts on rough trails, turning the light off. On the highest setting the white light was brighter than halogen, and almost comparable to a HID light, but not quite. Lower settings were substantially dimmer, slowing you down.
We felt the Enduro Turbo was a let-down. It is very expensive, not as bright as a similarly priced HID lights, has shorter burn times, and a very long charge.