Product Overview


Easton EC70 Layback £79.99

Weight: 203g/Sizes: 27.2, 30.9, 31.6mm/5-year warranty/300, 350 and 400mm
Contact: Extra UK 01933 672170

The visible carbon weave on the Easton TaperWall composite quill means this is an ’06 product (the 2007 post has a CNT quill) but it’s still current and £10 cheaper. The forged head has 25mm setback and 21deg of angular adjustment, but set-up is slightly tricky with (pre-set) indents on the clamps.
Like the EC90, it benefits from Easton’s patented Relief-Area Design (RAD), which protects the post from over-clamping, especially if you have a seat collar with sharp edges. It’s not much heavier than the EC90, half the price and the layback is invaluable if you want the typical roadie flat-back racer position.