Product Overview


Dangerboy Avid Gripped Lever Blades £39.99

Fits Juicy 5s and 7s / Weight: 25g each / Colours: black, gold, red, blue, green, orange, pink, purple and gunmetal / Shorty version available
Contact: Balfa UK 01442 826007

Designed for Avid Juicy 5 or 7 disc brakes, these replacement lever blades feature holes for the main pivot and pad contact adjuster and take about five minutes to fit. The blade has a nodule separating your index and forefinger and machined grooves to aid grip.
Upgrading the blades on some Hayes brakes about a year ago we noticed a big difference to the feel of the brakes but it’s less noticeable here. That said Dangerboys are super stiff, have an excellent finish and are guaranteed for life.
If form follows function there are better things to spend your money on, but these are a trick idea if you want to pimp your ride.