Product Overview


CamelBak Classic £30

Omega Hydro Titanium reservoir/External bungee strap/Lockable bite valve/Sternum strap
Weight: 438g
Contact: Zyro 01845 521700

Sharing the same quality bladder with its smaller sibling, along with the in situ filling capability, the Classic has the makings of a good pack. Capacity markings on the reservoir make mixing energy drinks to the right strength a lot simpler, and the lifetime warranty should instill confidence. A tight fitting screw-top might be a bit fiddly, but in years of use, we have yet to have one leak.
An extra half-litre capacity extends the length of the rucksack, and as the Classic shares strap mounting methodology with the Hydrapack, the same stability issues raise their head. A sternum strap is included but, due to the length and aforementioned fixings, we would have liked a waist strap as well.
The pocket on the front is longer than on the Hydrapack and is not overwhelmed by simple asks, namely a tube, tools and wallet. On top of this, bungee cords are provided to lash on a shell or warmer layer.
Much better than its low-rent cousin, the Classic ticks most boxes, but the lack of stability is an issue. Diagonally attached straps would rectify things.