Product Overview


Altura Ascent £19.99

Sizes: S-XL/Colours: black/Size tested: L
Contact: Zyro 01845 521700

Previous gloves have had small overall sizing, but last winter Altura changed its sizing and now these are pretty much bang on. With similar overall construction and feel to the Fox, Gore and Specialized, fit and venting are superb. But three gel cells on the palm conspire against anything that resembles feeling at the bar: there’s too much padding. In fact, it can feel as if the grips are loose there’s so much unwanted movement. Sadly, the gel is sandwiched between the piled, lining fabric and the Amara palm. You cannot just unpick the gel cells as you can with other over-padded gloves. Fit is great, and with a very simple tweak, future editions of this glove could be excellent.