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Xeccon Zeta 1300R


Xeccon Zeta 1300R light review


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The Xeccon Zeta 1300R’s wide beam pattern smoothly lighting up the trail in front is what we tend to look for in a bar mount. Unfortunately it doesn’t really cut the mustard for helmet duties

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Unfortunately that is exactly what the Xeccon pushes out – an even, less than penetrating pool of light.

Even as a bar mount it doesn’t have the reach to really cut it for anything other than moderate trail riding, so it is caught in a no man’s land where it doesn’t do either job particularly effectively.

xeccon zeta 1300r

It is a shame as the tiny head unit, on first glance, would appear to be ideal for helmet mounting, weighing virtually nothing and coming with a simple yet effective velcro fastening.

It does come with both a bar and helmet mount, but we very quickly broke the fragile bar unit due to overtightening – something done by a very experienced tester who is not known to be ham fisted, quite the opposite in fact.

The battery is heavy and that is where we have our second – or is that third – gripe.

While we are all for long burn times, does it really need 3.5 hours at full blast?

We would rather see half that weight and half the burn time, using the option to drop through the power levels to extend rides.

The wireless remote included would make this an easy task, and we have appreciated the ability to roll through the levels to find one that matches the environment.


Weight:430g w/ mounting hardware
Run time:Max 3.5 hrs