Doubles up as a trail running light too

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Gemini Duo 1500L


Gemini Duo 1500L light review


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Although the Gemini Duo 1500L is the most expensive of our ‘helmet’ lights, is it also one of the most versatile.

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After months of use we have found ourselves using it as much as an emergency bar light as on the helmet, or throwing it onto the road bike for after dark training missions where it is light, easily mounted and stripped off with its rubber band attachment and unobtrusive battery pack.

Not only that, it also comes with a headtorch strap which opens up trail running too.

gemini duo 1500l

This is important as at 1500 lumens it is overkill for a helmet only light, and as such we have only ever run it at reduced power levels when head mounted on the trail.

Otherwise the centre heavy beam can swamp crucial bar light shadows that give definition to the lumps and bumps ahead. At the medium, 900 lumen output it is more than adequate.

So it has excellent power, but the excellent wireless remote won us over from the first ride too, with one of the chunky, easily groped for buttons handling on/off and power levels while the other dramatically dims the light for chat stops or oncoming cars – a very smart idea indeed.

A two-cell equivalent is also available with half the burn times of our 4-cell set, and at £165 and a full 100g lighter it could be the better option if you purely want to use it as a helmet unit, running for a creditable 2 hours 20min on the realistic 900 lumen setting.


Weight:368g w/ mounting hardware
Run time:Max 3 hrs