Tiny little mount to keep your Garmin out of the way

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K-Edge Gravity Cap


  • Keeps expensive GPS devices out of the way
  • Slim and discreet


  • Difficult to get perfectly aligned


K-Edge Gravity Cap GPS mount review


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I’ve always been apprehensive about mounting my expensive Garmin to the handlebars – mainly because the last thing you want to see in the aftermath of a spill is a few hundred quid of delicate electronics smashed into little pieces.

Enter the K-Edge Gravity Cap. This tiny little device replaces the top cap of your headset and enables you to affix the aforementioned Garmin in a much more convenient and safe position.

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K-Edge Gravity Cap

The gravity Cap keeps expensive electronics out of the line of fire.

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Aligning issues

Consisting of an anodised and laser-etched aluminium housing and plastic 1/4 turn insert, it weighs just a little more than most top caps. Initial fitting is very easy, although there are a couple of irritating little things to be aware of. Firstly the plastic inner needs to be removed before installation, and this uses two tiny screws of the type that, once dropped, are never found.

Secondly, aligning the Garmin perfectly is mainly down to guessing whether the two mounting holes are in the right place, as you have to tighten the aluminium part firmly without the plastic mount in place. This could all be solved if the little hole in the centre of the plastic mount was enlarged enough to allow access to the 4mm bolt. In fact, this is exactly what I did at home!

K-Edge Gravity cap

The mount needs a larger central hole to help with aligning your device.

Sitting in this position keeps the Garmin completely in your view and allows easy access to the buttons. Perfect for Strava enthusiasts with super short stems.



The K-Edge Gravity Cap is a great accessory for riders wanting to keep their Garmin in view without putting it in the line of fire. With one minor change it would be perfect.


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