These full-finger gloves from IXS are just the dab for summer riding

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IXS BC-X3.1 Gloves


IXS BC-X3.1 gloves review


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With a light and airy construction and extremely stretchy back, these full-finger gloves from IXS are just the dab for summer riding.

A very wind-permeable mesh structure allows the air to flow, cooling hands and preventing sweat build-up, while the synthetic suede palm has zero padding for a top notch feel at the bar.

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Even on the off chance it does rain, being so thin and resilient means they don’t soak up much water and stay comfortable.

The stretch design is skin-tight, without the need for Velcro fastenings, while the fingertips and thumb arch are reinforced in all the right places to extend the durability.

Beads of silicone on the fingers help with button grip, although the rectangles of rubber armour on the knuckles are more form than function.

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The only thing you need to decide is which of the seven colour options to go for.


Colours:Black, blue, green, red, red-black, white, yellow