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Polygon Xtrada 5

Xtrada literally translates to crossroads. And that can be interpreted a couple of different ways. Did Polygon intend the Xtrada 5 to meet at the intersection between on and off…

Score 9

Polygon Siskiu T8

The Polygon Siskiu is a hard hitting 29er trail bike with 135mm of travel and a 140mm fork. Dig a little deeper however, and you quickly discover that this isn’t…

Score 9

polygon siskiu d5

Yes, the Polygon Siskiu D5 frame is top-notch but the parts spec is lacking. If it was £750 it'd be a steal but it's outclassed by other £1k full sussers.

Score 6

polygon xtrada 6

For our Hardtail of the Year test we picked the £750 Polygon Xtrada 6 model with the smaller wheels and single chainring drivetrain.

Score 8