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Marin Oso pedals

Marin’s not made a pedal for more than a quarter of a century, which is a testament to just how much mountain bike heritage the brand has. It’s also very…

Score 8

Marin Rift Zone XR

From a brand steeped in heritage comes a bike that focuses on the stuff that matters: suspension, handling and price. Check out our guide to the best mountain bikes Need…

Marin Rift Zone JR kids bike

When searching for the best kids’ and youth mountain bikes, cheap and heavy bike-shaped objects sadly still dominate the ranges of even big-name manufacturers, credit therefore due to Marin for…

marin rift zone

Geometry and sizing is consistent across the Marin Rift Zone range, so the fit is going to be identical, right down to the stubby 35mm stem.

Score 7

Marin San Quentin 2

With progressive geometry, generous sizing and a sorted specification, we couldn’t wait to do time on the new Marin San Quentin 2.

Score 9

marin hawk hill

The Marin Hawk Hill has nearly all the makings of a great bike. The frame is solid, the sizing is on point and the specification is competitive.

Score 8