The new ZF CentriX is an ultra compact, mid-weight motor with 90Nm of torque and 600W peak power.


German automotive behemoth ZF (best known for gearboxes and bearings), has launched its first electric bike system, with the focal piece being the CentriX mid-drive motor. And it’s an impressive package. There are two motors, but the most relevant for mountain bikers is the CentriX 90. This offers up to 90Nm of torque and 600W maximum power and is already being utilised by fellow German brand Raymon Bicycles on their 2025 Tarok eMTB. This will use a carbon frame, “downhill-oriented geometry” and mullet wheels.

Raymon Tarok Ultra with ZF motor

The Raymon Tarok Ultra with ZF motor on display at Eurobike 2024.

The new system isn’t the lightest in the world, at 2.5kg for the motor alone, so it may not rival lightweight mid-drives like the Bosch SX or TQ offerings in terms of weight. But, it may come into its own with higher torque. It’s still a good 400g lighter than Bosch’s most powerful motor, the Performance Line CX, and offers 5Nm more torque. And most notably, it’s extremely compact, with a concentric design that integrates seamlessly into modern full-suspension frame designs. So let’s dive into the full stats of the ZF CentriX and see where it might fit.

ZF CentriX

The ZF Bike Eco System offers two motors, two batteries, control units and a phone app

ZF CentriX motor need to know:

  • Two motors: CentriX 90 and CentriX 75, the former for eMTBs and the latter for gravel, urban and trekking bikes
  • Motor weighs a claimed 2.5kg, which is lighter than most full power units
  • The maximum power output is 600W and it has 90Nm torque on offer
  • It’s already slated to appear on one bike next year – the Raymon Tarok
ZF CentriX

The Core Controller is integrated in the top tube, but you can choose to spec your bike with a handlebar mounted display and controller as well

ZF CentriX motor

It seems like everyone and their mum is launching an e-bike motor these days, with drone brand DJI doing so last week, and now ZF is having a crack too. Perhaps the standout feature of the new CentriX offering is the compact size. The company claims it is “only slightly larger than a 0.33-litre drink can”, which is pretty damn small. Not only is it compact, but the power and torque claimed from it is pretty impressive – 600W max and 90Nm respectively.

It measures just 88mm in diameter and 118mm in width, and can be combined to work with both derailleur and hub gears. There are two options for bike brands going forward – the CentriX 90 which is designed for eMTB, trekking or SUV e-bikes and the CentriX 75. The number in the name denotes the amount of torque the motor can product. The CentriX 75 offers up to 75Nm of torque and 450W max power, and is designed for gravel, commuter or urban e-bikes.

Raymon Tarok Ultra with ZF motor

The ZF motor integrates smoothly with the Raymon Tarok Ultra’s carbon frame.

ZF’s Head of Micro Mobility business unit, Daniel Haerter, commented on the compactness and power to weight the motor offers, saying it “allows bicycle manufacturers to offer their customers high-performance e-bikes that are similar in weight and appearance to e-bikes with a lightweight support motor.”

ZF CentriX

There are two motors to choose from: the CentriX 75 or the CentriX 90

ZF Bike Eco System

Along with the motor, the company has designed an entire ‘Bike Eco System’ based on 250W continuous power motors. The brand will offer lithium-ion batteries in a choice of 504Wh or 756Wh. Both batteries are mounted in the down tube with an “innovative rail system.” They can be removed for charging.

Raymon Tarok Ultra with ZF motor

The ZF’s integrated top tube controller and display on the Raymon Tarok Ultra at Eurobike 2024.

The display unit is called the Core Controller, and is integrated into the top tube. This is an LED display and allows riders to see information like battery charge status as well as operate the assist modes. It also offers an interface for users to charge smartphones via magnetic spring contacts. If you want a handlebar mounted screen, however, you can choose a 2.8in colour display with touch functionality.

The system offers extra functionality when paired with the ZF smartphone app, including navigation, route recording, and over-the-air-software updates. The brand also says that the digital ZF Bike Eco System will expand to include additional “comfort and safety features.”

Interestingly, ZF is leaving the Eco System ‘open’ which means third-party providers can utilise it. Thus, bike brands can pick and choose different components not based on frame or motor compatibility, but on their desired spec.

Raymon Bicycles Tarok

The Raymon Bicycles Tarok eMTB will be available from early 2025 and be the first bike powered by the ZF drive system

When will it be available?

So far, there’s just one confirmed bike brand taking it on, and that’s fellow German brand, Raymon Bicycles. They will be launching their Tarok eMTB early next year, which is a carbon framed, 160mm travel bike with “downhill-oriented geometry.”

There’s not a great deal of information on spec or geometry charts just yet, but we can say prices start from €6,299 and there looks to be three models available, with a mix of RockShox or Fox components.