The latest update to the Bosch eBike Systems means that e-bike riders can now customise the eMTB mode performance to suit their own personal preferences, plus enhanced on-board navigation

If you’ve got a bike with the Bosch eBike System, then there’s plenty to like about the latest free software update the company has released. The eMTB and Tour+ modes are now customisable, meaning riders can tweak elements of the performance and support to suit their own individual needs, and Bosch have also expanded what’s possible with its on-board mapping and navigation software.

Customisable eMTB and Tour+ modes

The Bosch system is controlled by the eBike Flow app, and with the latest software update, riders are now able to tweak elements like dynamics, strength, speed and torque for their electric mountain bike in the eMTB mode and Tour+ mode.

Other modes on the system – Race, Sport, Cargo, Turbo, Auto, Tour and Eco – were already customisable.

By tweaking these parameters, Bosch says, riders can ensure their bike, motor and battery work as efficiently as possible, for example by reducing maximum assisted speed which in turn extends battery life.

Better on-board navigation

With this update, Bosch has also promised more precise route planning with new and enhanced navigation functions. The system already offers route profiles for ‘Leisure’, ‘Daily’ and ‘eMTB’ trails, but now adds a ‘Speed’ option for Speed Pedelecs – which is unlikely to be of big interest to MBR riders.

However, what is interesting is a selection of map variants now on offer, including ‘Satellite’, ‘MTB Trails’ and ‘eBike Heatmap’.

‘eMTB Heatmap’ shows the most popular e-bike routes in a region, while ‘MTB Trails’ does exactly what it sounds like, showing nearby MTB trails that are also colour-coded according to difficulty. And, as you might imagine, ‘Satellite’ gives more info about the area you’re riding in – we imagine it’s similar to the Satellite view on Google Earth, though we’re yet to to see the outcome of the update in person.

How to get the update

If you already have the Bosch eBike Flow app, you can download the update via the app. Otherwise, you’ll need to download the eBike Flow app first via the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

The app is also now available in Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and Czech.