Hoping to rise from the ashes (of their burned down start hut)

Wind Hill Bikepark have turned to crowdfunding. The team are hoping to rise from the ashes (of their burned down start hut).

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Check out the Wind Hill Bikepark GoFundMe  fundraiser.

Wind Hill Bikepark:

Wind Hill B1KEPARK is one of the UK’s most popular Mountain Bike Parks offering trails for all levels of rider from first timers through to the World’s best. Our Iconic start ramp/cabin was unfortunately destroyed by fire. This was no accident. Not only did the Ramp provide the the initial burst of speed for riders but underneath was a cabin for riders to rest, recuperate between runs and relax with fellow riders.

“The Cabin also acted as our store for essential tools of the trade that helped us keep the trails running sweet, lips crisp, landings smooth and run the site on a day to day basis. Everything above and below is gone or stolen: Blowers, Chain saws, hand tools, our generator, hand tools and much more besides. We hope to get the site back up to speed and running at its best as soon as possible. We’ve had so many messages of support from the MTB community and beyond, all pledging support and help. Its been both humbling and heartening to hear the words of support, many of whom suggested we ask for your help through donating funds to make Wind Hill Great Again. So here it is …

“We are looking to rebuild a ramp and provide a cabin. We are hoping with help to raise the money to rebuild these and replace the essential equipment that were lost to the flames and thieves.

“Any additional money raised above what we need for replacing the ramp, cabin and our equipment will be donated to the Air Ambulance services that cover Wind Hill and the other parks (Rogate, Tidworth & S4P Milford) and hopefully go to saving lives of not just Mountain Bikers but the wider communities which these services support.

“Your words of support have been amazing and gone a long way to healing our wounds. To be honest this alone has been more than we could have hoped for, BUT If you would like to offer some financial support and can afford to, please feel free to do so. Please only give what you won’t miss. Rest assured anything above what is required will go to a very good cause. Please only donate if you are happy that the Air Ambulance gets what we don’t use on replacing what was destroyed or stolen. (Hopefully insurance will cover lots of this and we can give the whole amount raised to an essential and often required emergency service). Thanks in advance from all of the team. Thank you also for all the kind words and offers of help.”