With 20L capacity and a 40V battery, Muc Off's latest pressure washer promises power and convenience.


British bike cleaning brand Muc-Off has launched its latest mobile cleaning product: the Mobile Bike Pressure Washer. It has apparently been specifically designed for bikes, and comes with Snow Foam capabilities, so you can decorate the trail centre car park with clouds of white spindrift with ease – or enjoy your own after-ride foam party.

The ability to snow foam your bike does come at a high price, however. With the standalone unit set to cost £250, and bundles set to cost up to £425. It seems a lot to be able to wash your bike in the wild, and it’s among the most expensive if we look at the best mobile pressure washers on the market. So what’s it got going for it, besides the ability to spray pink goo?

Muc-Off Mobile Pressure Washer

You can now make sure your bike is gleaming when you’re away from a power or water source

Muc-Off Mobile Pressure Washer need to know:

  • It comes with a 20L water tank
  • The unit weighs 7.66kg
  • Uses a 40v rechargeable battery to run
  • With a run time of 24 minutes in Eco Mode
  • High water pressure of 942.5psi
  • Costs £250 for the standalone unit

Isn’t it going to ruin my bearings?

You might be wondering whether it can really be a pressure washer that’s bike safe, but this isn’t Muc-Off’s first bike washer. Back in 2018, the brand launched the first pressure washer designed for bikes. What this means is that it isn’t set to run a tiny jet blast stream of high pressure, which when blasted at bearings and seals, can wash out not only dirt and grime, but grease, too – thus shortening the lifespan of your components.

The new Mobile Pressure Washer, whilst running pretty high water pressure of 942.5psi in full power, has a wider disbursement from the water gun. So this means the bearings on the bike are protected, but everything still gets clean.

Muc-Off Mobile Pressure Washer

The Mobile Pressure Washer comes with four lance attachments including one for snow foam

Pink snow foam

Everyone loves a bit of snow foam action – whether it’s cars or bikes or even the dog. So why limit it to somewhere where there’s a tap? The Mobile Pressure Washer is, as the name suggests, ready to use on the go. It weighs 7.66kg and has a 20L water tank (which you can double if you buy the additional 20L water tank).

It runs off a 40v battery which has a claimed run time of 24 minutes when in Eco mode. It’s also rechargeable within four hours. The washer comes with four lances including a Snow Foam lance, which you can connect to a bottle of Nanotech Bike Cleaner (or whatever cleaner you use).

Mobility is obviously the key selling point of this washer, and it features a grab handle, a fold-down towing handle, and four wheels. You can choose between Boost and Eco modes to shift the dirt with the high-pressure 5m long hose.

Muc-Off Mobile Pressure Washer

Various accessories can be bought with the unit, including a second 20L water tank

What does it come with?

All of this mobility does come at a hefty price, however. The standalone unit is set to cost £250 (but you do get a 1L bottle of Nanotech Bike Cleaner with it). There are bundles, of course, with the Ultimate Bundle costing £425. In this you get the Mobile Pressure Washer unit, a 20L additional water tank, a second battery, a 54L dry bag mobile holdall, a 1L bottle of Nanotech Bike Cleaner, and a 1L bottel of Nanotech Bike Cleaner Concentrate.

If you don’t want everything at once, you can buy the accessories separately. All bundles and standalone products are available to buy from Muc-Off now.