Vee Tire's new Attack HPL is aimed at hard, pack and loose conditions

Thai tyre brand, Vee Tire Co, has just launched a new aggressive tread aimed at DH and enduro racers, and it’s called the Attack HPL. HPL stands for Hard, Pack, Loose – we always thought hard and pack were mutually inclusive, but hey – and uses a tread pattern that Vee Tire claims ‘excels in dust, loam and dirt’.

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The Attack HPL comes in a single 2.5in width, but both 27.5in and 29in diameters, and all versions are tubeless-ready. With a focus on gravity riding, casing choices include a fully reinforced dual-ply as well as a lighter single-ply option. And to ensure maximum grip, Vee has wheeled out its softest 42A ‘Top 40’ rubber compound for the Attack HPL.

Vee Tire Attack

Vee Tire Attack

As for the tread pattern, the central blocks are ramped for reduced rolling resistance without compromising braking traction. Side knobs are siped to promote predictable grip at varying lean angles and confident on-the-limit control. There are elements of Magic Mary to the edge knobs, and shaded of Minion DHF to the centre blocks, but equally the Vee Attack manages to avoid being a copy of either. The sturdy sidewalls should help eliminate squirming during high cornering loads. According to Vee-sponsored DH racer, Alex Marin “the first time I tried the HPL it just felt really really nice, the draw of the knobs feels amazing on the track. What’s impressive, is that although the tire uses a soft Top 40 compound, the tread doesn’t get damaged, even when riding hard every day I’d say that the HPL lasts twice as long as other brands’ tires I have tried.”

Vee Tire Attack

Weights and prices

  • 29 x 2.5 Gravity Core, Top 40 – 1,350g – MSRP $70.00
  • 29 x 2.5 Enduro Core, Top 40 – 1,150g – MSRP $65.00
  • 27.5 x 2.5 Gravity Core, Top 40 – 1,270g – MSRP $70.00
  • 27.5 x 2.5 Enduro Core, Top 40 – 1,080g – MSRP $65.00