If you need a really, really big rotor, with a higher boiling point for your brake system, the TRP EVO disc brake range has you covered.

The American mountain bike supplier has developed TRP EVO versions of its Slate and Trail brakes. Both these new EVO brake sets feature a host of improved design elements. EVO is not a new word in mountain bike componentry, and TRP has added it to the company’s product portfolio. Desire a better version of the TRP Quadiem brake? The Trail EVO could be the best mountain bike disc brakes for you.

TRP EVO studio pic


Those better EVO bits

To improve fluid flow TRP’s EVO brakes are filled with a superior mineral oil formulation and route better hoses, sized at 5mm in diameter, feeding 10mm master calliper pistons.

Keeping the system functioning secure and at the correct pressure, are light-action seals.

TRP is marketing its Slate EVO brake at heavy-duty users, primarily trail and e-bike riders. Stainless steel pistons contact resin pads and TRP has also shaped thicker rotors to work with its EVO brakes.

The TRP Slate EVO brake levers have mounting options for I-Spec EV, SRAM Matchmaker, and TRP’s G-Spec TR12 or DH7 shifters.

TRP EVO lever

TRP EVO lever

A more potent Quadiem

Riders who choose the TRP Trail EVO add 10g of weight over a Slate (at 300g), but gain four composite pistons in the calliper.

The Trail EVO is an evolution of TRP’s powerful Quadiem brake configuration. Combining the power of a 4-piston calliper with a higher fluid boiling point, the Trail EVO should suffer minimal brake fade.

With TRP’s improved hoses, seals and fluid paths the boiling point has been improved to 270ºC

Both these new EVO brakes from TRP, are designed to work with 2.3mm brake rotors. That might require meticulous alignment from home mechanics to prevent rotor rub, but heat dissipation should be better with more material for the pads to interact with.

The benefit of these new 2.3mm rotors are many.

TRP claims 8% better thermal management, while the structure is 47% stiffer, which should resist bending. And for those riders keen on slowing down a 29er e-enduro bike or downhill rig, there are 223mm diameter options.