Everyone’s heard of the Mavic Trans-Provence race. Six days and 292km of enduro racing through the Provence wildnerness, it’s a key date on the race calendar and a must-do-one-day bucket list entry for heaps of mountain bikers across Europe. And if you don’t fancy the race, you can ride the course as part of a guided tour.

Now they’ve launched the Enduro Fusion Tour. Watch the video below to learn more, but here’s the gist. The organisers have picked their favourite trails from a small area in the Maritime Alps. There’s less travelling — you’re based in one hotel rather than packing up each day as you travel across the Provence. There’s more descent, and less (on-bike) ascent, which means less hike-a-bike and more grins.

There will be six week-long Enduro Fusion Tours, starting in September 2014, priced at €1,350.

Now watch the video, and tell us you don’t want to try it for yourself…

ENDURO FUSION TOUR from Trans-Provence on Vimeo.