The only way is down

The only way is down

As if there weren’t enough reasons already why Whistler is the best place in the world to go mountain biking, the new Top of the World trail takes alpine singletrack trail to new heights. Dropping down from the Whistler Peak at 2100m, the newly constructed singletrack extends the amount of elevation available for shredding by over 300m.

The new trail is perfectly suited to the modern trail bike with 140-160mm of travel. Soft, loamy soil and alpine tundra is spiced up with chundery rock gardens but, barring the first few corners, this is one trail that’s all about flow. To ensure that the trail, the alpine environment and the rider experience is kept in pristine condition, only 100 tickets per day will be offered on a first come first served basis.

According to Whistler Bike Park manager Brian Finestone, “Top of the World will blow your mind”. ”It takes the flow Whistler Mountain Bike Park is famous for and drops it on the peak of Whistler Mountain. With some of the world’s best terrain set against the granite spires of the Coast Range Top of the World is the pinnacle of alpine riding.”

Accessing this jewel in the crown of the Whistler Bike Park costs an additional $15 on top of your lift ticket, but we reckon it’s worth every cent. And we’re not the only ones; on the day we rode it, all 100 tickets had been sold by lunchtime.

To get a feel for the new trail, check out our chesty-talkie-cam. And if you’re planning a holiday in Whistler, we can’t recommend enough the guys at Bear Back Biking.