All weather red run now included

Taken from April 2008.

The 800 metre detour on the 550 acre wood’s two kilometre red route was built with local trailbuilders SingletrAction, and is accessible to intermediate riders while challenging advanced riders’ bike handling skills, according to Tim Sellors, from SingletrAction.

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“This section is a fantastic addition to the trails at Stainburn,” he explained. “It’s accessible to the intermediate rider but constructed in such a way that advanced riders will also find features to challenge their bike handling skills. It’s been a great pleasure to work with our colleagues at the Forestry Commission, the contractor Clixby’s and our volunteers to deliver something that really adds to the experience for bikers in these woods.”

The new trail section lies between Otley and Harrogate in North Yorkshire and complements a number of existing trails. Stainburn is home to a 3.8 kilometre double black route, dubbed the Boulder Trail, rated as one of the most difficult in England.

The Forestry Commission says the new development will provide a stepping stone for riders who eventually want to get to grips with its technical features, whilst also providing added spice to a day’s biking in the spectacular wood.

Forester Nick Short said: “It’s important we create a mix of trails suitable for all abilities and give people chance to take their skills to the next level. Creating more recreational opportunities at Stainburn is also a priority under our Active Woods health-push.”

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