Bike Park Groningen displays the power of dinky

A mere 300 metres long and with a modest 30 metres of elevation, Bike Park Groningen in the Netherlands could be the smallest bikepark in the world.

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Although Bike Park Groningen looks dinky it sure looks a lot of fun. And even if it may lay claim to being the world’s smallest official bikepark, it’s still bigger than most of the woodland muck-about spots that the rest of us cut our teeth on (and still do to this day).

The park’s vital stats: 300 metres of track, 30 metres of elevation, six acres in total area. Despite these modest numbers there are two different downhill tracks and a 4X/freeride track!

All in all it’s very impressive and inspiring place. It’s certianly something to bear in mind if your local authority starts to make noises about building something for bikes in your area. You really don’t need much area and you don’t only have to do a pump track or a BMX track. Mountain biking can fit into pocket playgrounds too.

The video above was filmed at the Mini Downhill Cup of 2017 by the way. Looks like a fun event too.

Video description

AD Biking: “Shot at the Mini Downhill Cup of 2017, and in the training weeks before. The bike park has an astonishing height of 30 meters!”