Need a really wide monocoque cockpit? Bontrager can oblige, with its new RSL range.

Trek has a new monocoque cockpit offering, with its Bontrager sub-brand.

Whereas Swiss rival, Scott, has been in the single-piece cockpit market for quite some time, with Syncros, there are now two slick handlebar and stem combinations, from Trek, as it returns to the monocoque cockpit segment.

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There is a narrowish RSL

These new Bontrager components are targeted at a broad spectrum of riders, from weight obsessed XC riders to daring downhillers.

Both the RSL cockpits are constructed from Trek’s OCLV carbon-fibre, and the idea is to have handlebars, that are much lighter than a conventional two-piece set-up, married with bolts.

The lighter and narrower option, aimed at XC and downcountry riders, measures 750mm across and has three effective stem lengths: 70-,80- and 90mm.

As you would expect from an XC handlebar, this new RSL model has zero handlebar rise and a -13° stem profile. Overall geometry sees your hands on the grips, at 8° backsweep, with 5° upsweep

How light is the RSL XC handlebar? A mere 214g.

And a really wide one

If you ride downhill or enduro and fancy the look, and lighter weight, on a single-piece cockpit, the RSL trail handlebar is a generous 820mm in width. There are cut markers to trim that down and riders can choose either a 35- or 45mm equivalent stem length with the RSL trail handlebar.

What is the narrowest you can cut the 820mm wide RSL trail handlebar? The innermost cut markers are engraved at 740mm.

Bontrager’s industrial designs wanted a geometry that would allow optimal steering leverage and stability through technical terrain, with the RSL trail. As such, it has a neutral stem and 27.5mm of handlebar rise, with the handlebar tips delivering a touchpoint geometry of 7° backsweep and 6° upsweep.

Weight on the RSL trail handlebar is only 250g and both these new single-piece cockpits from Bontrager are compatible with Trek’s Knock Block frame feature and Blendr handlebar control mount.

Regarding single-piece cockpits, you need to be very sure that the overall geometry will be appropriate for your riding, as there is no possibility of loosening stem bolts, to reorientate the handlebar.