Product colourways are part industrial design, part fashion, and that means they always move in cycles. Which has brought purple back into the fold, with SUNringlé's Super Bubba hubs.

Anyone who was around mountain biking in the experimental 1990s era, will remember anodized purple as the colour of distinction.

SUNringlé has released a new product offering that revives this violet hub heritage.

The Hayes cycling sub-brand has revealed a new limited edition Düroc SD37 Pro wheelset, spinning 3D violet Super Bubba hubs. If you feel the need for a bit more magenta as part fo your mountain bike’s colour coordination, SUNringlé has the solution.

Beyond the vivid purple finish, these new Super Bubba’s are mechanically similar to SUNringlé’s premium hub offering. Fabricated from 6061-series aluminium, the Super Bubba hubs secure with a 7075-series alloy axle and promise convenient DIY maintenance.

Easy to set-up and service

SUNringlé has cleverly used a single bearing size throughout the new Super Bubba hub range, which means you only need to source 6902-specification bearings for servicing at home.

The hub internals feature SUNringlé Clock’D adjustable rachet ring. This allows the rear hub’s engagement profile to be narrowed from 8- to 4° of engagement, by offsetting the keyed rachet rings and having the six-pawl system respond accordingly.

Swifter engagement will appeal to those riders who value the challenge of climbing very technical terrain or are always quick on that first pedal stroke, after transitioning through the apex of an off-camber switchback on a descent.

If reducing the mechanical load on your Super Bubba hub internals are preferable, just set it to 8° of engagement.

The Super Bubbas are available in 110x15mm front and both the dominant rear hub spacing sizes (148- and 157x12mm). Anchoring the Düroc SD37 Pro wheelset, they are laced to aluminium rims with a 32mm internal diameter and 28 spoke holes.

Weight ratings are 886g up front and 1110g rear, if you opt for the 27.5” sizing. On the 29”, those corresponding wheel weights increase to 933g fore and 1156g aft.

SUNringlé’s limited edition Düroc SD37 Pro Super Bubba wheelset also includes both an XD and Microspline driver. This ensures specification convergence on any build, whether you run Shimano or SRAM drivetrain components.