Radical invention promises to end all tubeless insert woes


New invention promises to do away with all our tubeless and tubeless insert woes by replacing the latex sealant and foam noodles with a closed butyl system.

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If you’re a mountain biker then chances are you’ve been sprayed with sealant numerous times. And chances are you’ve earned very sore thumbs and a broken tyre lever or two.

Let’s face it, the traditional method of keeping of our tyres up – tubeless sealant with foam insert – is far from perfect. Some would even say it’s practically Victorian in its ‘technology’.

Step forward Mr Philip Strauss. He’s just released details of a new tubelessless system made up of a sealed butyl channel with a familiar Cushcore-style Presta valve actually integrated into it. This, as yet unnamed, system takes the current way of doing of things and lobs it in the bin. Right next to your broken tyre levers and sealant-stained clothing.

Cushcore-style valve

Strauss claims that his tubelessless system weighs under 200g pre wheel. Compare that to foam tyre inserts that typically weigh around 250g or more. And that’s before you add the sealant weight.

Best of all, the Strauss tubelessless system requires no special tools, rims or even tyres. It works with all current set-ups. It’s the SRAM DUB of tyre inflation.

It’s not perfect however. Strauss doesn’t advise running pressures lower than 30psi. And you need to avoid terrain that’s rougher than trail centre Blue route. And thorns. And kerbs.

Also available in Schrader valve so you can pump up your tyres at participating petrol station forecourts

But still, what price to save your thumbs and tyre levers eh?