The British single-pivot steel brand has added some rather boutique tubing to its product range.

Steel mountain bike fans love a raw frame, although they do tend to be a nightmare to care for.

In wet condition most raw steel frames will eventually develop rust – even with some form of transparent surface sealing.

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Familiar numbers

Starling has now delivered a solution for its customers who desire a Murmur with that natural metal finish, but superior durability.

The company’s Murmur Enduro bike is now available with a stainless steel front triangle, possessing all the metal glimmer that metal frame purists desire.

This new stainless steel Murmur has an unchanged geometry chart. That means 140mm of rear suspension travel, a 160mm fork at the front, and progressive angles.

Riders sit behind a 64° head angle and are seated atop a 76.6° seat angle. Starling will only offer two frame sizes in the stainless steel tube option (large and extra-large), with reach numbers of 485- and 515mm.

The rear triangle has adequate clearance for 29×26” tyres and the single-pivot suspension configuration is similar to any other Starling.

Stainless for an even sprightlier feel

If you are a dedicated follower of all things related to British steel mountain bike frame brands, you will notice a slight difference between this stainless version and Starling’s other Murmurs. The two brace plates that feature aft of the head tube, connecting the top and down tube, are absent on the stainless steel front triangle.

Starling claims that the strength profile of its stainless steel Murmur has enabled it to slightly change the bike construction, whilst improving ride quality and trail feedback.

If you have always wanted a rawer material finish with your Starling, this new stainless option should prove mighty appealing. That said, best hurry with paying the £2330 purchase price, as Starling will only be producing 15 of these shiny enduro bikes.