A rare breed

Profile video of off-road wheelchair rider Stacy Kohut.

“I have a responsibility as a person in a wheelchair, with a ‘disability,’ to go out and lay down the hardest run I can.” – Stacy Kohut.

After you’ve watch the vid above, watch this vid below…

Kohut grew up in a family full of extreme sports folk. The principal household interest was drag racing! Li’i Stacy had a crack at pretty much any adrenaline sport that came his way. Skateboarding, BMX, motocross, skiing… you name it.

Despite all the high octane sports it was an accidnet on a swing that changed his life forever in 1992.

Look at POV on that!

In an interview with Red Bull, Kohut talks about his life. And his amazing 6.5″ travel ‘gravity buggy’.

Stacy: “I can pump the bike and I can accelerate the bike. And it feels how people think it feels to ride — it’s not a motorless ATV, it really feels like a bike. For me, a bike has to be a certain weight, flex and feel because you have to be able to feel certain parts of a bike, more than a motorcycle. My four-wheeler is definitely in the category of a four-wheeled bike.”