SRAM HS2 rotors bring new braking options for all mountain bike riders, from trail to downhill. And they even have a special spoke paint coating.

Meet the new HS2 rotors. They might not look that much different to what has been available from SRAM of late, but you need to look past the side profile.

SRAM’s HS2 rotors are thicker and have much better heat management properties. SRAM obviously feel the pressing need to keep up up with the very best mountain bike disc brakes coming out from both the bigger brake brands and the smaller players.

Improvements in suspension, tyres and frame design have made it possible for more riders edge into bigger terrain.

When you roll down those steeper and more technical trails, you logically require more braking power. And SRAM is the latest brand to introduce a brake component upgrade, reacting to rider demand.

Thicker and better

The material thickness, not overall diameter, make these new HS2 rotors better at controlling your speed and modulating deceleration down a steep descent.

Most riders know the difference that upsizing a brake rotor makes to reducing fade on a long descent. But having more material in the rotor, without increasing its diameter, is also beneficial.

The potential of thicker rotors inspired SRAM’s brake system product team to upgrade its rotor offering from 1.85mm to 2mm, with the HS2.

The claim is for 7% increase in stopping power and there’s a new track pattern to the edge of these HS2 rotors.

All about reducing heat soak

Dark grey rotor spokes are not merely a style statement, either. They are finished in a heat-dissipating paint and compared to Centerline rotors, these new HS2s have 40% better thermal management.

SRAM is offering generous compatibility with its thicker HS2 rotors. You can have them in a six-bolt or centrelock mount.

Sizes range from 160mm for the gram counters, to 180mm for trail riders, 200mm for the enduro crowd and 220mm rotors for the extreme gravity riding crowd.

Weight? SRAM references the 200mm six-bolt HS2 at 204g.