SRAM has taken note of rider feedback on its AXS drivetrain, adding a new Rocker shift paddle in response.

SRAM AXS has proven revolutionary, finally bringing a reliable and durable electronic shifting option to mountain biking.

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For all its benefits and considered design, there has been one issue: shifter ergonomics. Riders who favour the haptics and thumb feedback of a conventional mechanical shifter, have experienced AXS as feeling slightly unnatural to them.

Engineers and industrial designers at SRAM originally packaged the AXS system with a smaller shift paddle, leveraging the benefits of not having to operate a cable. An unintended consequence of this has been that riders with certain thumb sizes and preference toward cockpit ergonomics, have not felt the AXS shifter to be ideal.

SRAM AXS Rocker: affordable upgrade makes your AXS easier to trigger

SRAM has now delivered a solution for those who prefer the feel and dimensions of its purely mechanical shifters, with all the advantages of AXS.

The new SRAM AXS Rocker upgrade features a larger paddle, shaped to be more familiar to riders who prefer mechanical shifting ergonomics. It also has a surface finish with generous grip grooves, something sure to be appreciated by those who have ever slipped a shift, due to a muddy glove.

Riders with larger hands or those who have legacy thumb dislocation injuries, limiting the dexterity of their shifting, will be well pleased with the AXS Rocker. Its much larger paddle surface should ensure you never miss a shift.

SRAM’s AXS system allows easy fitment of the £20 SRAM AXS Rocker paddle upgrade, thanks to its wireless shift pod originally designed to facilitate amazingly easy lever swaps. The appropriate spring and pivot pin are included, which makes installing the Rocker paddle entirely simple, if you have a multitool or set of hex keys at hand.

If you want to purchase the entire AXS shift pod with a new Rocker paddle already in place, that will be £200.