The fastest and most successful bike of the 2019 downhill race season

The latest evolution of the Specialized Demo piloted to great success by Monsieur Bruni: “the fastest and most successful bike of the 2019 race season”.

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specialized demo

2021 Specialized Demo

  • Mixed wheel size (29 fornt, 27.5 rear).
  • New frame.
  • New geometry.
  • New suspension design.
  • Three chainstay length settings.
  • Demo Race: SRP £6,999
  • Demo Expert: SRP £4,999
  • Demo Race frameset: SRP £2,999

Three chainstay settings: short, middle and long. The short setting will only fit 27.5 wheel. The middle setting can either be a longer 27.5 setting or a shorter 29 setting. The long setting says it’s only for 29 but there’s nothing stopping you putting a 27.5 wheel in there for a longer chainstay.

The designers have focussed on “square-edged” hits. This doesn’t just mean it’s great at kerbs, “square edged” hits are anything that is not-rounded or sloped ie. rough rocks and tall roots etc. Such decelerating lumps used to be a bit of chink in the armour of 4-bar bikes. The new suspension arrangement offers more rearward axle path at certain points in travel.

The revised suspension also claims to be better at dealing with the rear suspension undesirably extending under braking (when rider/bike mass pitches forward). It also claims to have improved anti-squat figures; less prone to bobbing under pedalling, in other words.

The general super low slung nature of the suspension arrangement remians, for keeping centre of gravity low as possible. Howeverm because the rear is shock no longer directly attached to upper linkage this has the effect of reducing side loads on rear shock.

Specialized Demo geometry chart

The world’s most complicated geometry chart!

Specialized Demo 2021

“When it comes to DH racing at the highest level no detail is too small, it’s never too late to try something new or out of the ordinary. The Demo has been one of the most successful DH bikes in history racking up numerous World Cup Wins, Overall Titles, National Titles and UCI World Championships. Success that has come from direct collaboration and development between the Engineers at Specialized and the best athletes in the sport. This new version is no different, our Engineers and Ride Dynamics Team alongside Loic Bruni, Finn Isles and the Specialized Gravity Race Team have developed the fasted and most versatile Demo to date.

“With UCI rule changes allowing the use of mixed wheel sizes in DH Racing came a reason for change, race wins, a World Cup overall title and UCI World Championship proved that there was benefit to having a mixed wheel sized bike but ultimately we wanted the rider to have the option. Now with new sleek flip chips in the rear chain stays the rider can choose between multiple Geo settings in both a 29″ front and rear set up or as it ships, 29″ front, 27.5″ rear mixed wheeled platform. Along with those changes there have been significant updates to the Axle Path, Anti Squat, Anti Rise and leverage curve, combine all of those ingredients and there is no doubt this is the fastest and best handling Demo ever.”