Is it worth it, let me work it, I put my thing down, flip it and reverse it

A clever way to deal with a snapped gear cable on the trail. The fix is only to get you home. Don’t forget to repair it properly before the next ride!

>>> What to take with you on a mountain bike ride

By Charlie Collins

Make yourself familiar with this method now, so should the occasion arise mid-ride, you know how to get yourself out of trouble.

It almost goes without saying that as a bare minimum, we should all be carrying a multi tool with us on every ride. Some form of air inflating device as well, such as a mini pump or CO2 inflator, should have you covered for most eventualities. If you’re not a fan of carrying a backpack, then get creative and store them safely elsewhere.

How to limp home with a snapped gear cable

1. Remove snapped cable where it attaches to mech.

2. Remove cable from shifter end. SRAM – remove shifter top casing. Shimano – remove bung screw.

3. Thread cable in to r-mech so that the shifter/crimped end sits against cable stop of the r-mech. Pull through to cable clamp.

4. With the rear wheel off the ground, turn cranks and push r-mech up the cassette in to an easier gear to ride single speed with. Once in gear, pull inner cable taught and tighten clamp screw to hold mech in place – adjustments may be necessary to align chain with correct cassette ring.

5. Cut excess cable or wrap up to one side.