The Japanese component giant will deploy something called Shimano Ultread technology on all its 2022 model year mountain bike shoes, replacing the previous Michelin soles.

Shimano Ultread is the new sole technology from Shimano, and it should make your mountain bike shoes grippier and more durable, riding clipless or flats.

A new tread design and rubber compound, as Shimano updates its shoe range. Shimano has been developing a new tread compound to make its shoe soles stickier and durable in a bid to not lose ground to the rival best mountain bike shoes from other brands.

Shimano AM9

Ultread is where it is at

Shimano isn’t divulging the exact chemistry of its new rubber compound. But it does claim Ultread to be grippier and more durable, allowing shoe designers to create a 17% lighter sole, in some cases, without compromising performance.

Shimano GR9

Shimano’s GR9 will serve flat pedal riders. It features an asymmetric ankle design, to provide more padded support when you are really leaning on that outside pedal, descending a series of tight corners.

Fly downhill with these flats

The GR9 has an integrated gaiter to keep debris on the trail, instead of becoming a passenger in your mountain bike footwear.

Shimano’s latest range of flat pedals launched only a few weeks ago and the GR9 has a hexagon tread block pattern, shaped to mesh best with the new Saint and XT flats.

The GR9 is only available with laces, to ensure easily adjustable tension and fit. To prevent the uppers from tearing, especially if you ride and lace-up often in muddy conditions, the GR9’s lacing interface features metal eyelets throughout.

Shimano AM9

Shimano is offering the GR9 in sizes 38-48. Riders can choose from two colourways to match their frame or riding kit: black and smoke white. Reference shoe weight is 415g

New AM9 is your Shimano Ultread enduro shoe

If you desire some Ultread sole technology but prefer to ride clipless, there is the latest iteration of Shimano’s AM9.

The upgraded version of Shimano’s legacy enduro and downhill shoe used the same ankle structure and padding, as GR9.

Laces remain the fit method of choice, but there is a flexible flap to help prevent debris ingress.

Shimano’s shoe design team has slightly enlarged the AM9’s toe box and widened its instep, to deliver improved ergonomics.

Available in the same size range as GR9, you can choose from 38-48, with black and navy blue as the colour options. The AM9 also has a matching reference weight of 415g.