There is a new scheme to bring interest-free financing to Scottish riders who want to buy bikes, thanks to Access Bikes and special credit.

Bike financing is usually targeted at middle- and upper-income riders. But Access Bikes, want to change all that. An initiative by Cycling UK and credit unions, Access Bikes will offer £500 interest-free loans, to Scottish adult riders. The aim is to empower those riders who might struggle to one of the best beginner mountain bike ptions..

From trail riding to commuting, there is no arguing against the bicycle as a solution for mindfulness, health and a better environment.

A range of incentives have kept more people interested in using and upgrading their rides during the pandemic, but there are always those who fall between the cracks. This is where the Access Bikes scheme comes in.

What makes the Access Bikes scheme appealing is its 0% interest structure.

Lower-income riders are most at risk of compounding interest payments and unforeseen financial issues. With the Access Bikes partnership, they can budget precisely and fully understand any future payment responsibility.

With assistance from Capital and Scotswest credit unions, the loans will peak up to £500.

Broader and better bike deals for all

Suzanne Forup, Cycling UK’s head of development for Scotland said: “We believe this innovative scheme can make a big difference for people who want to cycle but don’t have access to a bike.

“Many people in Scotland struggle to access essential services or work because they face a lack of affordable transport options. We know this exclusion can be tackled through access to a bicycle, but paying for one upfront is often not an option. Access Bikes will provide interest-free loans so that people can buy a bike and discover the freedom, convenience and pleasure of cycling.

“For those who need a little extra help, Cycling UK will also be on hand with bespoke support from one-to-one cycling sessions to advice on finding the ideal bike.”

The scheme is not limited to new bikes, which could be potentially limiting considering the surge in bike prices. The 0% loans can also be redirected to buy pre-owned bikes or accessories.

Keen Scottish trail riders on a very humble budget who want to upgrade their PPE, might benefit from the Access Bikes scheme.