The Lobster is an upgrade for your Shimano brakes, which should keep the bite point where you want it.

Shimano brakes are mighty powerful but some riders find their bite point to be occasionally inconsistent.

If you want to ensure the absolute integrity of lever feel and performance, with your Shimano brakes, there is a new aftermarket upgrade. And unusually, it’s from Russia.

It is called the Lobster and produced by Red Panda Components. Great names and marketing, but what does Red Panda’s Lobster do?

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Keeping dust and water out

The company has created a reinforced silicone dust cover, to protect the piston and master cylinder of your Shimano hydraulic braking system.

Red Panda says that its Lobster is easy to install, without requiring property tools or rebleeding of the hydraulic system.

As a design, the Lobster constitutes six individual parts. Most noticeable is the polyurethane cover, which replaces Shimano’s servo wave plates, and contains a silicone dust cover.

With its corrugated design, the dust cover shields the Shimano brake system’s pusher, as it cycles, and prevents environmental contaminants from entering the master cylinder.

Lobster matches with with most of your Shimano cylinders

How does the Lobster stay in place? It doesn’t have metaphorical claws but there are two bushings and grub crews that keep it in position. Oil-resistant rubber O-rings seals complete the Lobster’s dust proofing.

Designed and manufactured in Russia, the Lobster promises to keep trail grit out of your Shimano master cylinder and prevent that wandering brake bite point. It also has the benefit of not altering any of the Shimano core internals.

If you want to boost the dust and moisture proofing of your Shimano brakes, Red Panda’s Lobster is compatible with most of the Japanese company’s product. That means Deore MT500/520, SLX M7000/M7100/7120, Deore XT M8000/M8020/M8100/M8120 and Saint M820 downhill brakes.

Red Panda has priced its Lobster from €17-€28, depending on the specific Shimano brake set you want to upgrade.