Tool slippage is annoying and these new 100% work gloves prevent that from happening.

Riding gloves are no good for wrenching.

Drivetrain component teeth, spoke edges and bolt heads will all trigger unnecessary wear if you use riding gloves for DIY mechanic work.

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Helping you to wrench smarter

Appropriate workman gloves should be part of your toolkit for home bike repair and maintenance. If you are in the market for work gloves, there are two new options from 100%. Borrowing from its extensive motocross experience, 100% has collaborated with Mechanix Wear, to produce the FastFit and Original work gloves

Both feature extensive branding and a material composition that should last, despite a high frequency of tool and bike component handling.

When torquing a tiny bolt, especially if it fastens a carbon-fibre component, you need dexterity – and overly padded gloves, with a loose fit, aren’t ideal. To prevent the annoyance of reduced finger feel when working on your bike, the latest 100%/Mechanix Wear range has a fit that sits snugly, preventing tool slippage at that crucial moment.

The FastFit uses TrekDry fabric technology, which keeps your hands ventilated, even when wrenching in a heated garage, or on a sweltering summer afternoon. The synthetic leather material structure is only 0.6mm, allowing for excellent tactility and dexterity.

A 100% durabe option

For those riders who spend a lot of time doing their own maintenance, or even working with generosity on bikes in a riding group, the is the 100%/Mechanix Wear Original work gloves.

Most of the wear on a bicycle work glove happens at the fingertips. These gloves have reinforced fingertips, featuring a grippy abrasion resistant material.

With 60% of the contact surface areas of the Original glove being reinforced with abrasion resistant material, they should prove terrifically durable.

Combining toughest with tactility, the Original gloves have stretch spandex materials, to ensure a secure fit and microfibre palm, keeping tools securely in hand. If you need a glove that is going to see a lot of work and don’t want to suffer the annoyance of tool slippage, the 100%/Mechanix Wear Original is for you.