The easiest and quickest oversized mudguard out there to fit or remove?

The RRP ProGuard Bolt On is one of those products that’s hard to believe no one thought of before. So long zip-ties, rubber bands and Velcro straps.

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RRP ProGuard

RRP has taken its excellent ProGuard and added a mount that’ll attach to certain fork braces via a couple of bolts, transforming it into a neat, waste-free and easily removable guard in one fell swoop.

We like it because it could be the easiest and quickest oversized mudguard out there to fit or remove. Rejoice all ye who transport their bike in the boot of their car and have to lay it flat, as this has been bending and deforming mudguards for years. Remove the bolts and keep your guard straight for easy portage, or quickly adapt to changing trail conditions pre-ride.

Hang on a minute though, surely this is nothing new? Well yes, Marzocchi had one 10 years ago, more recently DVO suspension forks have come with bolt-on guards, and there’s also the Syncros Trail Fender, but these two are both are too small to provide decent mud coverage. Then there’s the huge Crud XL Fender, but it’s not the sleekest solution. The only guard to match it is perhaps the Mojo Dfender, which clamps to the fork brace of Fox forks and older Marzocchi forks… but it’s pricey at almost £50.

The ProGuard Bolt On comes in two lengths; Mini at 388mm and Standard at 503mm. You can fine tune the angle of the guard with tilt brackets (supplied), and adjust to height by 6mm to fit all wheel sizes and up to a 3in tyre. There are rubber bumpers on the guard’s side to brace against the fork legs, and the whole thing is made in the UK.

It’s not all clover though, the new guard fits most Fox, new Marzocchi, Ohlins and Suntour forks, but not those from RockShox. Nor will they anytime soon. RRP says brackets to fit DVO, X-Fusion, Cane Creek and the Fox 40 are in the works.

Full test coming soon.