Schadenfreude Down Under

Get your heckle on with Crankworx Rotorua’s Amateur Downhill race with Sam Reynolds and The Deakinator. Let’s just say, it was quite moist.

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Not one to shy away from a little bit of banter, Ben ‘Oi-Oi / The Deakinator’ Deakins teams up with Sam Reynolds to partake in a little bit of quiet spectating at the recent Crankworx event in New Zealand.

And what better race to spectate at than an amateur downhill race. In the mud. On a course that even the pro’s found to be somewhat ‘challenging’.

As you can expect it was carnage. But of the fun kind, where riders end up face first in trees.

Grab a cup of tea and be ready to spit it over your laptop/phone/work-PC.

Video description

Ben Deakin: “Let myself and Sam Reynolds show you what happened when we watched the Crankworx Downhill!!!! ?????? #OiOi ??? Follow me”