Better sign up quickly!

Ride Sheffield is offering you the chance to ride with Steve Peat on the currently unopened RADmires trail.

The RADmires trail is currently being crowdfunded, in a similar fashion to the Lady Canning’s trail, and a ride with Steve Peat is being offered as one of the perks.

For the cost of £200, ten lucky people will be able to ride with the former downhill World Champion on the new trail. Each rider will meet Peaty for a ride around Stannage and RADmires, get a signed Ride Sheffield t-shirt and probably even a cheeky pint  afterwards.

Ride Sheffield is also offering a tour of the Hope Factory in Barnoldswick to eight people for £150. Hope will show the attendees the Design Offices, Test lab, Milling, Turning, Laser cutting, polishing, Anodising, Wheel building and much much more.

Both the experiences are offered on a first come, first served basis. Email and the first emails received will get first dibs on a place. Once your donation to the fund has been received, you will be confirmed on your experience, either the ride, or the tour, or both.

All the proceeds from both of the perks will go directly into the RADmore trail fund. Redmires is located roughly 7 miles from the centre of Sheffield and Ride Sheffiled is hoping to develop a blue graded flow trail, similar to what is already in place at Lady Canning’s, but with the possibility of red and black options due to the steeper gradient.

Currently £7,000 has been raised but Ride Sheffield needs £45,000 to make the trail happen by Spring 2017. If you can’t stretch to the tour or the ride you can donate any amount of money here.